“Matching With A Mermaid,” by J.D. Harlock

Aug 20th, 2021 | By | Category: Fiction, Prose

You have matched with Ariel

You: Hey baby

Ariel: !
Ariel: Hey

You: What you up to?

Ariel: :’)

You: ;)
You: You want to come over?
You: ;)

Ariel: !

You: ;))

Ariel: I just want you to know…


Ariel: I’m a mermaid.

You: ;)

Ariel: You’re into it?

You: ;))

Ariel: ;.;
I was so worried!

You: Nah 

Ariel: ;)
Ariel: Where do you want to meet?

You: I’m thinking…

Ariel: Ok :) 

You: Wait

Ariel: Yeah?

You: If you’re a mermaid, how do you…

Ariel: You mean…

You: Yeah…

Ariel: Does that bother you?

You: No, no

Ariel: Yeah… 

You: I’m just curious.
You: Some of my best friends are merpeople 


Ariel cannot receive messages at the moment.


J.D. Harlock is a Lebanese writer based in Beirut. His short stories have been featured in The Deadlands, Sciencefictionary, and the Decoded Pride Anthology, his poetry has been featured in Mobius and Black Cat Magazine, and his articles have been featured in Mermaids Monthly, Interstellar Flight Press, and on the SFWA Blog. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @JD_Harlock.

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