“Why Does Nobody Care About the Death of my Dieffenbachia?” by Jack Berning

Dec 20th, 2020 | By | Category: Poetry

Why does nobody care about the Death of my Dieffenbachia?
I Woke Up this morning and all its leaves had gone brown.
I’ve been in a Panic ever since.
It hadn’t been doing well, per say, but it hadn’t been doing so poorly.
Nobody cares about the Death of my Dieffenbachia.
Perhaps it is because they have not spent significant time with The Thing.
Naturally, I’ve developed an affection.
And to find it brown—intent on Death—
……….What a shock!
I blame myself, of course, for the Death of my Dieffenbachia.
The torture of whether I Over or Under watered it will haunt me
For the rest of my days, to be sure.
The snake plant and fireweed are well, for now.
But how long until they, too, Give Up, just as in the case of my Dieffenbachia?
……….Dearest Dieffenbachia,
Nobody cares for your death but I. I, and I alone,
Have admired you in your Wild, Fervent green.
And now, overnight, you are dead.
I will try to save you, be assured. The experts say it’s no use.
But they don’t care for you like I do,
……….My Dear, Dear


Jack Berning is a forever up-and-coming writer currently living alone in Denver, Colorado. His other interests include being gay, doing backflips, and drinking carbonated water.

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