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Full confession time: This comic makes me extremely uncomfortable. Over the years I’ve developed a huge aversion to mouth injuries. Not just injuries, either; whenever my kids have a loose tooth it creeps me out. I’ve seen childbirth, I’ve seen surgery, I’ve seen some pretty gross injuries in real life, and none of those have made me even remotely squeamish. But any time my kids have fallen and cut their lip or bitten the inside of their mouth or something? I have a hard time maintaining my composure. Weird, right?

So this comic? A struggle. On the one hand, I wanted to draw it because I though it would be funny. On the other hand? That’s a lot of teeth…


Andrew Kaye (known in some circles as AK) is the creator of Ben & Winslow and other questionable comics, many of which can be found in his deviantART gallery and his Tumblr. He’s also the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Duh.

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