Urinal Analysis

Jan 17th, 2014 | By | Category: Ben & Winslow

01172014 Urinal Analysis


Guys (and I am talking to just the men at the moment, but women are free to listen in): Are you the sort of man who talks to your neighbors in the urinals beside you? I don’t have conversations in public restrooms unless I’m really good friends with the person. I hate it when complete strangers start talking to me while I’m trying to pee.

This scenario is one that fills me with dread. What if a guy sidles up to the urinal beside you and started narrating the entire process from start to finish? I mean, once you’re peeing, you’re peeing. It’s not always easy to turn off the tap, so to speak. So you’d be stuck there. Listening. To everything.


Andrew Kaye (known in some circles as AK) is the creator of Ben & Winslow and other questionable comics, many of which can be found in his deviantART gallery. He’s also the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Duh?

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