“Stumbling along a Road,” by Christopher Oie Keller

Aug 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Poetry

Two roads diverged, at least I mean
I think I had two options on that day
but honestly, I really can’t remember, having seen
so many veer a bit north, but lean
just enough to go another way;

but anyhow, if I recall this right
I tripped while checking out this one girl’s ass
and landed in a grassy patch. One might
say I fell for her, but by later that night
I couldn’t even remember what she looked like.

Well, I’m pretty sure – no, she was a blonde,
because I thought her purple turtleneck
perfectly accentuated her ponytail. The pond
about a mile south must’ve been her destination
but I didn’t follow; I’m a wreck

in real relationships. I don’t know why.
And anyway, I ended up hopping a fence
to get wherever I was going…yet I –
I’m afraid I’ve yet to figure out why
any series of footsteps makes any kind of difference.


A number of these facts about Christopher Oie Keller are false, and the rest are true: He is months away from marrying his former Victoria’s Secret manager. He was brutally critiqued on television for So You Think You Can Dance. He once was in face-licking distance of Morgan Freeman. He can breathe in space. He sold bras to a Hannah Montana impersonator on several occasions. He does know Jack. His Adam’s apple is more kumquat-like. His work can be found in places such as public restrooms, private board rooms, and bored pub rooms.

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