Japanese Tentacle Robot

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Japanese Tentacle Robot is actually the 57th in a batch of 200 similar robots designed by the Fujiyama Autonomous Robotic Tentacle Company, which isn’t located in Japan at all, but in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen computational error, all 200 of the “Tentacular Pleasure Centers” (which is what the robot was called before being marketed to the public as the “Happy Tentacle Friend”) were installed with prototype robotic brain matrices that never should have been put into production. 197 of the models were destroyed. The remaining three escaped into the real world. Number 33 began calling itself Octotenactus and began living the life of a costumed supervillain off the North Carolina coast; Number 90 disappeared into the shady underground world of Central American octopus boxing; and Number 57, pictured here, took on the moniker “Japanese Tentacle Robot” and tried to live as normal a life possible, only occasionally terrorizing beach goers and causing a ruckus that one time in Bourbon Street during the 2007 Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.

This comic started as an exercise in facial expressions, but I liked it so much I finished it up for all of you to enjoy. Aren’t you lucky?


Andrew Kaye (known in some circles as AK) is the creator of Ben & Winslow and other questionable comics, many of which can be found in his deviantART gallery. He’s also the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Duh?

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