“Got a Tick on my Dick,” by Mike Romeling

Jun 19th, 2011 | By | Category: Visuals

This is our first video submission. Check out this link to watch Mike Romeling perform “Got a Tick on my Dick” for you, the Defenestration audience. Once you watch it a few times, feel free to sing along. Complete lyrics are provided below.


Ain’t it great when spring time arrives
chirping birds and flowers come alive
But everywhere you walk
you’re always being stalked
by the creepy-crawly dick-ticks

Guess I forgot to tuck my pants into my socks
and I probably should have worn a jock
You don’t get much warnin’
when they latch onto your organ
and you  won’t be having sex for a while

When that tick makes his dreadful incision
you are faced with a difficult decision
You can give it a squeeze or
try using tweezers–
either way it sure ain’t no picnic
The science ain’t  exact
on how to extract
a creepy-crawly dick-tick

Ever grateful I will always be
for my wife’s surgical expertise
You shoulda seen us
excavatin’ my penis
then we stomped that freakin’ tick until he popped
Then we swept it out the door-
wiped the blood off the floor
Went to bed and both of us had nightmares.

I used to love the great outdoors
but I don’t go there any more
don’t need no ticks playing house in my dick
no….those creepy-crawly dick-ticks


What the critics are saying about Mike Romeling:

“For nigh on four decades now, Romeling has been a smudge on the musical landscape of common decency. Now, with this latest visual assault, that smudge becomes a blot grown rank and torpid from feeding off its own wretched and degrading excesses.  I say, let this goon grope his greasy groupies like a gorged gorilla and leave the rest of us god-fearin’ folk alone.”—-Orman Spudwick—The Idaho Sentinel

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