Teacher’s Pet

May 20th, 2011 | By | Category: Ben & Winslow


Winslow reminisces about another past job….

I like snakes, but I don’t think they make very good class pets. Snakes eat class pets. They’re the sort of animals teachers keep around if they have a very cynical view on life, because all snakes really teach small children is that no matter how cute you are, there’s always something bigger waiting to devour you.

The snake pictured here does not belong to Laura; it was donated to her school by an exotic animal collector. The snake is a rare Laotian beige-back python, and her name is Penelope. Keep in mind pythons use constriction on their prey, so Winslow was likely squeezed like a stress doll before being devoured.


Andrew Kaye (known in some circles as AK) is the creator of Ben & Winslow and other questionable comics, many of which can be found in his deviantART gallery. He’s also the editor-in-chief of this magazine. Duh?

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