Two Poems by Danny Adams

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The Minimalist Othello

Othello (Moor), Iago (scorned)
go at it in a Turkish war
but poor Othello doesn’t know
Iago’s out to get him so
believes all lies Iago said
that Desdemona’s gone to bed
with good Lieutenant Cassio
so pillows Desdemona dead
then on his sword himself his throws—
Where Cyprus now? God only knows.

An Unwitting Love Confirm’d
(or, Love’s Many-Sided Quantum Phenomena)

Astrid, Earth-born, stellar grace in fleshly form,
Sparkling star to illumine the farthest colony world:
Would-be prey of heart-harm from Rogue Will’s virile swarm
Through his slippery tongue flattering wiles unfurled.
But bright too as Earth-day, Astrid would ne’er go astray
By oaf William’s mere indecently lustful pretension,
Till hints of intrigued sway did her thought-glints betray
To the focused quanta of Will’s nano invention.

Astrid’s brainwaves they read, then to Will’s brain they fed
Every thought, bit of hope, and desire,
Coxcomb William, he pled any words need be said
To kindle her love—then deny her.
No string theory was this while he pulled her amiss
Give-and-taking till her heart was entwined,
Yet soon she ne’er missed her lover’s rare words of bliss
Were constructs, and vowed to treat him in kind.

She tested fake thoughts, putting Will at a loss
To respond with aught but his old vulgar expressions,
Thus catching his trick she crafted a slick
Nano-jammer broadcasting programmed impressions.
“Quantum bits that can kill your scans at my will,”
Said she, “but dear boy, bide awhile—
For she who loves least owns control of man’s beast
Allowing you’re fun when not acting vile!”
Thus Trapped Will, no disguise on once she charmed her eyes on,
Willing plunged into her expanding event horizon.

–To Wm. Congreve


Danny Adams was not raised by Eskimos, is not moving to Iceland, is no modern Major General, or any other current rumors, most of which he started himself. He only rarely does bad things via fiction to people he doesn’t like. He is, however, the co-author of the late Philip Jose Farmer’s short novel The City Beyond Play, among other shorter works science-fictional, fantastical, historical, and uncategorical. He lives deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with his wife Laurie and lots of rescued beasts who guard his library. He can be found online at .

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