“Females And Their Ideas Of The Purpose Of Babies,” by Daniel Gallik

Jan 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry

She told me she was going to tell me how we were going

to be. I said I wanted to be silent.. She yelled silence
was her fortune. I asked her, pleaded with her to get
a new car. She said I was a waste of money. Then,

she hugged me and told me I was her lover and she
wanted it right then. I told her it was sex. I told her
before she interrupted that love was a bad buy. She

slapped my ego so hard it got out a gun. You like
headlines? I said. Then, she smiled and froze my
male assets right away. We loved in the middle,

at the side, along the four corners of an old bedroom.
After midnight left us, we closed our eyes and
dreamed of tv and radio and cd’s and new movies.

And food. Dreamed of thousand dollars steaks at Mac’s.


Daniel Gallik’s novel, A Story of Dumb Fate is available through www.publishamerica.com. Check it out at www.danielgallik.com. The book is about a child with disabilities born in a blue-collar neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. The book is a tough read because it is vile and unforgiving. The author has been published in many online and college journals. Check his entire literary credits out on any search engine.

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