“2 Poems,” by Jonathan Kessler

Jan 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry


The kid called them little micro planets,With unending patience a nine year old boy explained to me that they weren’t just lights in the sky.

I told him that if he continued with this poor behavior they wouldn’t shine for him. Ever!

It didn’t matter to me because my childhood was made up of trains and yellow moons not planets and fireflies.

I sat in the night and tried the smell the stars burning up in the hands and minds of little boys to understand why the fuck we were meant to reproduce these children that burn up and burn with the fantasies of having bright futures and television realities. We really fucked them.

“Much virtue in herbs, little in men.” Benjamin Franklin

My street always floods when it rains. This morning the radio explained that in the upstate there is a drought going on. I know nothing about that. My plants are doing fine. One is basil and the other is arugula. It is also known as rocket, I am told. I bought it at the farmers market on Saturday a few weeks ago. It was little then so I repotted, you know the story. It was supposed to bring a little zing into our life, I guess going to the farmers market buying something that spell check doesn’t recognize and then hoping to write about it on your blog while listening to some obscure band is a bit too obvious or trite, or without virtue?


Jonathan Kessler has spent the past number of years learning, writing and teaching all over the world. Some locations include rural New Hampshire, Honolulu Hawaii, and Costa Rica. He currently teaches English at an alternative high school in Charleston, SC. His poetry and writing has been featured multiple times in The Centripetal and Kaleo.

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