Two Poems by Norman Ball

Nov 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Poetry

A Twenty-Syllable Epigram on the Modern Haiku

The marriage of today’s
busy professional
with tomorrow’s oblivion.

A Veritable Waste of Space

Veritible’s a word of minor weight,
mere filler culled to modify the void.
Its meaning tacks to hurry-up-and-wait
–all empty suit, adjectively deployed.
This now concludes my veritable screed
that heaped nonentitude on absent need.


In a prior life Norm suspects he was a metronome. In the current one, he
feels life is trying to beat it out of him. Undeterred he pops up in
venues renowned for festival-style seating, places like Bright Lights Film
, iTulip, The Western Muslim and the Handi-Mart at the corner of
Erstwhile and Vine. Though he’s been examined by some of the best doctors
pro bono humor can buy, he still finds it regrettable that humor rhymes
with tumor and laugh rhymes with staph. Fortunately penicillin rhymes with
Amy Dillon. The rash should clear up within a week and her circle of
acquanitances have all been notified.

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