“Part I of Document B of the CheesE Blocks,” by AE Reiff

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Document B attempts to reconstruct the original facsimile in language questionable at some points not only from the dialect, but because the ink was smeared in the transmission requiring a best guess at its meaning.

The Martian stones originally were kept from view because they compromise widely held beliefs of space and government. “Widely” here is an acronym of use. You may wonder how the original writing got carved on Huachuca walls. We all do, but it too is acronym, easy to understand if it bore likenesses to the ancient hand, but the likenesses were only in the mind of the viewer. Somebody has to hide this stuff. There is no need to act like that. We try our best.

They could have been hieroglyphs in tree grains, hidden messages in the erosion of hillsides and in the way leaves fall. None of this either has been conclusively revealed. Suffice it that even were they published, lacking media outcry nothing could have come. They were untitled, meaning, unsung.

So: the writings were passed off as fiction. I assure you this is the furthest from all truth. Even before CheesE Blocks was issued on the internet it occurred in quantities so slight as to be rejected by even little mag. Not to say that further efforts made in the startup manufacture of Blocks for public consumption at Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets had any other referees than those consumers who bought the CheesE. Yes, or no, they did not comprehend. Understanding CheesE is not easy, but we’re glad to say the label did well. Collectors bought it to display in their private collections. These are untraceable today. This was only an apparent Swiss. Its holes implied a message as a kind of script but it was also an apparent hieroglyph. Not a good choice it turned out.

Two questions remained for our query. Who did translate the original? Who anywhere is competent to read Martian? This is such a problem that computer codes were broken, including the translation, or a version of it, we cannot be sure because it was stolen from NASA vaults where it was secretly kept. We don’t know who did this either. Why don’t we know so much? Perhaps it was an accident, which is more believable nonsense. Some drunk clerk copied the letters and snuck it out past inspectors, the work uncertifiably scribal by a penciled archivalist. Not. No. The observations like an ersatz jazz were probably added just before unconsciousness.


AE Reiff’s secret clearance with NASA expired, but he was bound by their Nondeclaration Policy until the recent release of the Director upon the publication of the Man in Mars photos. While the existence of Mars writing on the Mars stones continues to be denied, government no longer feels threatened by the existence of penumbras captured on cheese. Go figure. Further discoveries will be issued as they become available on the author’s website, http://encouragementsforsuch.blogspot.com/. He sent poems into space on missions decades before the Beatles.

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