Defenestration: September 2007

Sep 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Editorials

Avast me hearties, and welcome to th’ September 2007 issue of that scurvy rag Defenestration!

Here at Defenestration HQ, Talk Like A Pirate Day doesn’t end on September 19th. We start talking like pirates, two thirds of the crew gets drunk on Eileen’s special “Irish Rum Recipe #35, Specifically For Pirates,” and the rest of the day is spent attacking one another with swords and boarding axes that we made out of office supplies. The day invariable ends with someone finding the cannon we had tried so desperately to hide the year before, and the resulting hole in the side of our building only serves as a convenient place to start shoving the twenty-five foot boarding plank into the side of the office complex next door. 

Once the Defenestration crew gets going, it usually takes a good four to five weeks for everyone to quiet down, get bored with piracy, and start dressing like Spanish conquistadors. We never do find El Dorado, but we once raided an Indian casino in what newspapers called “The most insensitive attack on common decency involving authentic Old World costumes we’ve ever had the misfortune to hear about secondhand.”

Genevieve made those costumes. They’re bad ass.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Onward to the meat of the magazine, where you’ll find five writers and three poets skulking in the bushes, an all new Defenestrati comic, and some cool columns courtesy of the Defenestration staff. Enjoy!

—Andrew Kaye, Captain

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