Defenestration: March 2006

Mar 20th, 2006 | By | Category: Archives

Defenestration Volume III, Issue V

Follow the above link to view the entire March 2006 issue of Defenestration. You can also download it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save As.” This issue contains the following:


Bill Mehlman, “Philosophical Sonnet I.”

Christian Ward, “Absinth”

Frank Critelli, “Long Confessional Poems”

Kevin Doran, “Summer’s Day In Ireland”

Quentin B. Huff, “Quirks of Grammar & Keyboard”


Ralph Neives-Bryant, “The New iPod”

Ryan Nemeth, “Ask Mr. Bargain, Letter 1”

Thomas David Lisk, “Schopenhauer Shopping”

Tom Becker, “The Thing on My Balcony”


Doohinkus, “Elephant”

Jeremiah Stansbury, “TV Watcher”

Susan Major, “Fueling the Debate on Drivers Licenses for Crustaceans”

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