“Bionic Moses,” by Josh Sippie

Aug 20th, 2021 | By | Category: Poetry

Billed No. 2, the potatoes
to Keanu’s steak and you wait



and wait


knowing that when he arrives,
it could be anything but I bet you
weren’t expecting bionic Moses with a
shepherd’s crook beating the piss out of
the known world and turning fools
arms into popsicles before snapping them off
like pretzel sticks
crucifying good doctors and
rocking the hair and the beard of a certain biblical man


I bet you weren’t expecting that
but you waited and you were rewarded
to the patient goes the earth
or something like that
and when
appears and reveals his catch phrase

“Jesus time”

you just have to accept that
this is a brand new
and we’re all damn glad to have met him


Josh Sippie is a foolish mortal who, when not writing, can be found wondering why he isn’t writing. Clearly he needs to watch some films that don’t have Dolph Lundgren in them.

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