“The Sample Man,” by Riley Wood

Aug 20th, 2020 | By | Category: Poetry

Sample man
Sample man
Handing out crackers all day
That’s an ample plan
People ran
When his shift began
How you could you not be a fan
Of the sample man
A lucky day for me
At the sample stand
A cup of three in the sample pan
When I tasted the sour cream
It was better than
Any treat from the ice cream van
But that was it
He was about to get trampled and
I left wanting another free taste
Of that great cracker, man
I came back late
Dressed as someone different
From a different land
But he saw through my fake mustache
He grabbed me by the collar.
“Don’t let me see your fucking face again”
Said the sample man
The sample man


Riley Wood has wanted to be a writer since second grade. He remembers selling his poorly drawn comics to anyone driving by the street corner for two quarters each, and hey, he’s still basically doing it! He wishes everyone still thought he was as cute as they used to think he was because now they just look at him with hollow smiles saying “A writer? Wow. That’s greaattt.” If you find Riley’s stuff entertaining, try picking up his book of short fiction titled The Circuitry Might on Amazon.

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