Table of Contents for August 2020 Issue

Aug 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Editorials

Short Stories:
Raymond Lane, “An Unopened Letter to Shirley”
Sarah Boisvert, “The Donation”
Karen Schauber, “What a Babe”
Jeffrey Kulik, “Backdoor Pilot”
Stephanie Gibbon, “On the Needles”
Karen Walker, “Dead Match”
Joy Kennedy-O’Neill, “The Mistake Hoarder”
Daniel Winn, “Freshman Year Did Not Go Well”

Anna Pisarka, “Pajak”
Neil Fulwood, Two Poems
E. Laura Goldberg, “Substitution”
Riley Wood, “Sample Man”
Kathryn Pratt Russell, “Cures for the 1918 Flu”
Chester Onion, “Rated R”
Carla Sarett, Two Poems


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