Table of Contents for December 2019 Issue

Dec 14th, 2019 | By | Category: Editorials

Short Stories:
Daniel Hudon, “Dividing by Zero”
Jorja Hudson, “Pinocchio Goes on Klonopin”
Margo Hollingsworth, “A Christmas Miracle”
Chris Panatier, “When Billionaires Flee to Proxima b”
Virginia Revel, “Pacification”
Cayce Osborne, “Cherry Berry Lick-a-Licious”
Martin Hadfield, “While You Were Away”

Ken Macklin, “Emily Dickinson’s Car Accident Report”
Benjamin J. Chase, “‘To Sarah Connor”
Aaron Barry, Two Poems
Lindsay Brown, “Sixteen Dollars”
Norman Minnick, Two Poems
David W. Landrum, “Reading Advice on Writing by Ernest Hemingway”


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