“The Cyclops as Art Critic,” by Sarah Henry

Aug 20th, 2018 | By | Category: Poetry

Who needs two eyes
when the show is dull
and the right people go?

I see an orange disc
with a squiggle that
looks like it belongs
on a motel wall
and a heap of iron
called a sculpture
which must have
been a lot of work.
A video has a crude
concept, poorly executed.
The installations are
so dark and murky
I can’t see what
they are. Do I detect
a grape vine wreath
from a county fair?

Two eyes aren’t
needed or better
than one to write
a review of this
modest show.
I’ll blather on a bit
before resting my eye.


Sarah Henry studied with two former U.S. poet laureates at the University of Virginia. She has published internationally in journals and anthologies, including humor magazines. She is retired from a newspaper.

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