“-141,” by Natalie De Paz

Aug 20th, 2017 | By | Category: Poetry

after Shakespeare’s Sonnet 141

His faithless cock wants to feel her sigh:
tender, deliberate, slow—
He could never love her like he wants her thighs,
her sleepy bending legs, vulgar phrases she borrows.
Yes, her moans taste like she loves him, crying,
“Yes!” She is putty, she is honey, she is a drone,
yes, she is this moment, undying,
she is a feast, she tears off her gown.
A sensory overload comes,
persuading him to shout something lewd.
His face contorts, his passion numbs.
Her face is frozen in servitude.
Next minute, their tryst is just a stain
and a mental note to download her again.


Natalie De Paz is a writer of Cuban descent who was born and raised in South Florida. She currently resides on the East End of Long Island with her two awesome housemates and the world’s cutest cat, Gracie. Lately, she’s been working on learning all the sub-genres of metal, and has successfully distinguished thrash metal, heavy metal, and death metal from each other.

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