“A Pinteress’ Someday,” by Katie Seeley

Aug 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Poetry

We can be modern day mannequins—

Malleable forms of constant perfection.
We are Stepford wives with a mouse’s click.
Pinterest allows us to be anything.
Pinterest allows us to be everything.
Renaissance women reorganizing:
homes transformed with wine corks and mason jars.
And don’t forget glitter. Always glitter.

Smell our soap handmade from lilac and rose.
See our flawless brows and smoky eyelids.
Feel our fab abs after one month of planks.
Hear the inspirational quotes transferred
from screens to psyches in affirmation.
Taste our moist apple-sauced pumpkin muffins.
Our yummo snickerdoodle pumpkin bread.
Our heart healthy pumpkin cornbread waffles.
Our whole-wheat banana pumpkin pancakes.

We blast stubborn belly fat by snacking
on dark chocolate, dried fruit, and almonds.
We kill calories drinking jugs of
sassy cayenne pepper lemon water.
We wanderlust after 2-D islands,
blurring beach umbrellas with fingerprints.
Someday, on our chalkboard-paint calendar,
Bali will span a week in cursive script
after Our Wedding framed in strings of pearls.

We have been planning our nuptials since
the Pinterest app hit our rhinestoned iPhones.
Boyfriend or not, a proposal will come
any day now because we found our dress:
a Marchesa mermaid cut has been pinned.

We skim How to be your husband’s best friend.
We’re ready to get excited about
all the things he gets excited about.
We measure his XL jersey to be cut,
twisted, braided, and tied into sexy.
Chop cauliflower florets to roast, crisp,
and simmer in blue cheese buffalo sauce.

Prepare skinny tofu queso dip and

garlic kale chips in a rattan-wrapped bowl.

We can even make his team’s loss taste good.

We pair virtual sundresses with heels
and cardigans that cost more than our rent.
But one day our closets will be coded:
scallop cut labels hanging from yarn bows,
walls lined with a DIY shoe cubby
hammered in by our husbands as we watch
lipsticked, aproned, holding a bamboo tray
of chocolate chip bacon and home-brewed beer.

We pintresses keep our plans on display.
Today: perfect sock bun, hone yoga skills.
Next week: paint wall Tiffany blue and tessellate.
Next month: construct a potted herb garden.
Next year: take stroll under Arc de Triomphe
(in Spring, wearing beret, holding boy’s hand).
Pose in kiss position while we dangle
date of wedding from the Eiffel Tower.

We read and repin squares of colored words.
One childish font haphazardly spells:
“we must be willing to let go of the
life we have planned, so as to have the life
that is waiting for us” –joseph campbell

#lifeisrude #josephcampbellFTW


Defenestration-Katie SeeleyKatie Seeley is a student by night and a waitress by other nights. She was born and raised in Southern California but now lives in Chicago and fares very well in the winter weather. The rate of pickle consumption in her home still far exceeds that of mason jar crafting.

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