“Venting Haiku, Composed in a Grubby Hotel Room in Pokhara, Nepal (dedicated to Bryan Adams, with apologies to fans),” by Joel Hardin

Apr 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Poetry

maudlin strains sift
Into my thin-walled room
God of Nepal nights

have you ever
really, really hated
a musician?

sixty-nine summer
cover songs
big in Nepal
mediocre muse

I would die for you
if only you could
make him stop


Smitten by wanderlust at an early age, Joel Hardin has spent a considerable part of his life dreaming of travel and earning the money to make those dreams come true… and a disproportionately small portion of that time actually traveling. During that time he has backpacked through much of Asia and Europe, and touched upon African and South America. After losing himself in the Himalayas for a few months recently (not intentionally), he has once again abandoned his native Texas, this time for the jungles of Costa Rica, where he currently resides in a mud hut on the Pacific coast, sipping Chilean wine and scrawling haiku on the backs of iguanas.


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