Yet Another Comic by Vincent Davis

May 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Visuals

For your Sunday amusement… a comic!


Vincent Davis is a man of many interests. People call him a “renaissance man,” for Davis that’s “a term that has about as much meaning as the word awesome does!” In spite of that, Vincent is an avid writer, illustrator, songwriter/musician (, film maker/actor (“The Empty Man”, 2010), t-shirt designer and owner of and an art instructor. The latter funds the majority of his other interests. Davis’ written work can be found in Laugh Riot (Flophouse Comics, 2005) 20 Dissidents Vol.1, Issue#2 (2007), The Journal News (2004), (2006) and the late “20 Questions” (2007-2010). He lives in Fleetwood NY with his wife and his dog Skip.

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