“Famous Last Words,” by Paul Giles

Aug 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Poetry

SHIRT:  “The first hanging is also the last.”

BED:  “Tiredness: the little death.”

PILLOW:  “Once bitten, twice shy.”

WALL:  “The dream of mirror: see like window, think like blind.”

HAT:  “I’ve lived and loved. I’ve nothing left to hide.”

BLIND:  “Windows aspire to the condition of doors.”

JACKET:  “Nothing to hide? Nothing to give.”

LIGHT:  “I see, and my heart is broken.”

SCARF:  “How many winters, O Lord?”

BOOK:  “It’s alright, dear. I knew the end was dim before we began.”

LAPTOP:  “Again?”

SHOE:  “All who walk, walk a mile with me.”

PANTS:  “Remember this was done.”

DOOR:  “Jam! More jam!”

BAG:  “Carry your outside zipped within.”

FLOOR:  “All have the strength to touch a soul.”

HEATER:  “I’ve only ever wanted cold desire.”

MIRROR:  “No. No. Noooooooooo!”


After stints in Korea, New Zealand, and the bathroom, Paul Giles has returned to his homeland of Australia, determined to regain his title as Wombat Rustler of the Year (Flyweight Division). He enjoys putting another shrimp on the barbie, ending each sentence with “mate,” and being bigoted, mate. His writing is influenced by gossip blogs, reality television, and dickheads. Mate.

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