As the World Falls Down: ComicCon 2010

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My name is FAELUVER, but you can also call me [Redacted]. I write fan fiction, and am famous for writing the best Labyrinth fanfiction evahhhhh!!!!*

Supposedly, Defenestration has found me so aspiring that they hired me to instruct you all on the wonderful world of fandom! This is going to be so feyzerbeam u guyz!!! After I heard the newz, i Got so excited I quit my job as a lobbyist and moved back home to live with my parents in Philly. Go Eagles!!!

My first job (other than to clean my room, whatever MOM), was to go to San Diego and report on ComicCon, which is the BEST EVAH OMG. But U guyz I was so Mad Daniel radcliffe was not there cuz he is my husband!!!!!

What I like best about ComicCon is THE COSTUMES!!!! There were stormtroopers and thor guys and women wearing duct tape–and CAPES! Check out my super-duper sofaisticated notes:

They also have this penned-off area with tables where the gamers live in a zoo, like they deserve. People were playing Magic, like with little cards!!! I tried to tell them that U can’t cast real magic from cardboard, cuz the two ARE NOT COMPATIBLE OMG SRSLY!!! But they’re total wizard n00bs and they just want to play pretend. Also, none of the cards were shiny enough! I would totally glitterize that stuff. Like FOR REAL WIZARDS!!!

There were vampires there, too!!! But scary ones. And they were lame bc they didn’t want to suck my blood. Not even on ice cream! Also? I TOTALLY SAW VOLTRON. He is liek, the hottest robot ever, because he’s made of kitties!

K, gtg! This Death Note/A Separate Peace crossover fic isn’t going 2 right itself!!!!!


*Editor’s note: Nope


Faeluver, Defenestration’s Fancologist, is presently writing slash fiction featuring characters from Kellogg’s cereal or something. And they’re vampires. She occasionally falls asleep dreaming about being cradled in Tony the Tiger’s strong, muscular arms, and then he bites her and turns her into a weretiger so they can have babies.

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