Two Poems by Paul Hellweg

Jul 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry

Finally, Hope


and wishing for a miracle,

it finally came

in the form

of an e-mail

from a 24-year-old woman

with 8.5 million dollars

who offered to

move in with me

if I would help her

transfer the funds

to this country,


all I had to do

to get the money

and the babe

was to be

a little more



I already am.

You’ve Got Mail

are words full of life

and hope and



No New Messages

keeps showing up

on my e-mail server,

and I doubt that

anyone will be beating

a path to my door

for the movie rights.


Paul Hellweg has felt his whole life as if he didn’t fit in. Then a few months ago he discovered a new world of kindred spirits in the poetry universe, both online and at readings throughout the Los Angeles area. He’s thrilled to have finally found a place where he fits in just fine, sober or otherwise.

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