“GuacamOde,” by Clay Carpenter

Jun 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry

How I love guacamole salad

this murky mucky marvel

to eat is to imbibe

Great green gobs of avocado

add onions to create

a dubious delight

Admittedly it is the ugliest

of foods in name

and in appearance

The ignorant may hesitate

to part their lips and

give it clearance

But those who know will swear

that it quite simply

can ’t be beaten

although it begs the question:

is it to eat

or already eaten?

It ’s true that this peculiar

and garish



resembles nothing

so much as a



It may look like a lineman

but it ’s really

Broadway Joe

See how it holds court

it ’s the star

of the show




This mangy cur is a friendly

beast, one nobody

could hate

It may be muddy, but it ’s

everyone ’s buddy. It

doesn ’t discriminate

You can savor it

in flip-flops or in

a tie and suit

Its source, the avocado

is truly an

avuncular fruit

On trees these tidy

twosomes are a rather
manly sight

But how does such

art transform into

such blight?

We can only surmise

the origin of its

smushed-up state

Perhaps an Aztec sat
upon a ripe one

by mistake



the avo!

Some jump out of planes, others

take up arms. Courage

is their creed

but the one who discovered guacamole

salad was a brave one (a

lucky one) indeed


Clay Carpenter is a newspaper copy editor in Corpus Christi, Texas. Truth be told, he wishes he could spend eight hours a day writing poems instead of headlines.

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