Two Poems by Michael Estabrook

May 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Poetry

“I love football, fuck you.”

“I love football, fuck you,” my wife barks

at me simply for making a humorous,

although disparaging, remark

about her silly Patriots Football Team.

Beginning to wonder if perhaps her focus,

allegiance, and obvious attraction

to these youthful macho hunks

is something I should be concerned about.


Way back in high school

I worried about the quarterback

stealing her away from me, and today

certainly I don’t want her pulling

a Demi Moore on me running off

with some young football player especially

at this stage in our married life.

Some things never change, nope,

some things never do change.


Red-laced Nightie

What does it mean

that she’s given

that sexy red-laced nightie

I bought her for Valentine’s Day

to our eleven year old daughter

to go trick or treating in?


Michael Estabrook is still crazy in love with his wife Patti of over 30 years and loves doing the rumba with her which goes pretty much like this:

(At this point, Michael wrote a lengthy poem about dancing with his wife, which, I assure you, is quite vigorous. We’ll let you use your imagination there!)

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