Defenestration: May 2009

May 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Editorials

Welcome to the May 2009 issue of Defenestration!

I was hoping to write something clever this month, but I’m fresh out of clever. I checked the back of the pantry and everything. Nothing there.

So next month is technically summer, and I’m hoping (hoping!) that we can get the first fantasy-themed issue prepared by then. We’re still going through the inbox trying to figure out what we like, where we should put it, and all that good stuff, so if you sent us something in March or April and haven’t heard from us yet, that’s why. It’s an unusual juggling act, but we’ll get responses out to you folks soon. Promise!

This month features poetry by Michael Estabrook, Paul Giles, and Stephen Williams; a prose-poem by Joelle Renstrom ; and short stories by Jeff Kass, Jenny Piersol, Michael Minassian, Murray Brozinsky, and Thomas Johns. Enjoy!

—Andrew Kaye, Editor-in-Chief

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