Defenestration: April 2009

Apr 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Editorials

Here it is: the April 2009 issue of Defenestration.

I don’t know where the hell that last month has gone. I tried looking under all the beds, but it wasn’t there. It was a short search, though, because we only have two beds. You know what I did find? Elm Tree’s secret magazine collection. Don’t get too excited-they were all botany magazines, but I’m sure they were all provocative enough to get anyone’s sap running hot.

I found Bigfoot’s stash of 8-tracks, too. I was tempted to have a listen, but since the only thing 8-track compatible in the entire building is Haratron, I decided against it. The last thing I want to do is shove something into his access slot. Eileen did that last year ago when the toaster broke, and the office atmosphere was uncomfortable for months.

A few words of business. First, the submissions page has been updated, so please check it out. It has a cartoon in it and everything. And second, as a friendly reminder, we’re currently accepting submissions of humorous fantasy fiction and fantasy-themed poetry, artwork, and non-fiction for our summer issue.

This month is wordier than usual. Meaning, it’s all words and no pictures. We have poetry by Harry Johnson, Jason Barber, and Rachel Levy; and prose by Andrei Trostel, Eric Suhem, Greg Calhoun, Jimmy Chen, Ravi Mangla, and Jesus Christiansen. Those are all probably their real names, except that Jesus guy.

—Andrew Kaye, editor-in-chief

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