“This space intentionally left blank.” by Paul Giles

Sep 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Poetry

quiet shock of                                                                                                                              history eaten by

train light breaks                                                                                                                    the coke machine

this city’s anesthetic                                                                                                    no change left

poems rained all                                                                                                                       well that’s changed

day sorry couldn’t                                                                                                                everything give me

find my umbrella                                                                                                                    back my undies

blinking acid eyes                                                                                                              found my liver

home stopped me                                                                                                              in that smarties

in its tracks                                                                                                                                    pack thank god

regret pulled my                                                                                                                  o didn’t i

black hair in                                                                                                                                  tell you she

a tight bun                                                                                                                                        had a penis?

Paul Giles is nothing more than a ridiculous boogeyman figure constructed to terrify students of English and fashionistas who can’t endure clothes that clash. The story goes that he was born in Papua New Guinea, raised in rural Australia, and now lurks in the shadows of the city of Seoul. Allegedly, his current interests include Vietnamese Tailoring, the Trashiest of K-Pop, and Writing Swear Words in Phonemic Script (fÊŒkÉ™n fÉ™ni:mɪk skrɪbt). Literarily speaking, he is said to write in the style of Men’s Health magazine, Engrish (particularly Chinglish), and people that don’t really know how to write properly.”

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