Defenestration: November 2007

Nov 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Editorials

Welcome to the November 2007 issue of Defenestration.

Can you believe we’re into our fifth volume? Five! We’re going to have to start counting on another hand soon.

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of this beloved magazine than by addressing all the error messages that you fine folks have probably been receiving! Man, I can’t wait!

If you’ve tried submitting something to us in the last two weeks or so, you’ve probably gotten a message telling you that our mailbox was full, or hospitalized, or lying face down in a ditch in Louisiana. Our webhost recently converted over to a new mail style, and while quite shiny and pretty and candylike, it destroyed all the archaic wards we had in place to keep track of submissions and handle spam. We’ve since repaired the problems, and you should be able to submit things to us without any problems. Keep in mind that this has created a nasty backlog of submissions we haven’t gotten to, but hopefully I’ll have this all cleared up in a week or two. So, please be patient with us. Everything will be better in the morning.

This month we’re featuring the work of two poets and five writers. There’s also a new featured artist this month, a new visual submission, and more fun with our webcomic, the Defenestrati. Go forth and enjoy. Here’s to a billion more volumes!

—Andrew Kaye, editor-in-chief

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