Defenestration: February 2005

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Defenestration Volume II, Issue IV

Follow the above link to view the entire February 2005 issue of Defenestration. You can also download it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save As.” This issue contains the following, some of which may be NSFW:


Curtis Honeycutt, Two Poems

George Anderson, “Rhododendron Flats”

Richard Walker, “Sextacy”


David Siegel Bernstein, “Social Market”

Elizabeth Ridley, “Maternity Mecca”

Ellen Lindquist, “Religious Studies Grad Turns Zookeeper,” with a photo by Charlotte Jones

J.R. Salling, “The Death of Louis the Fat”

Jonathan Harper, “Funeral of a Vibrator”

Kathleen McGurl, “Bloke’s Blog”

Mike Romeling, “My Dear Clarissa”

Ross Eldridge, “A Bird In The Bus”


Stephanie O’Donnell, “Penpals With God, Episode 1”

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