Defenestration: November 2004

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Defenestration Volume II, Issue I

Follow the above link to view the entire November 2004 issue of Defenestration. You can also download it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save As.” This issue contains the following:


Andrew T. Duncan, “Haiku Knife Fight”

C. Allen Rearick, Three Poems

David Choate, “Song of Sums”

J. Patrick Lewis, “Epitaph for a Horse Whisperer”

John Cooley, “hooouuuhhggg”


Ace Boggess, “Thanks, Dad”

Alison Burke, “Don’t Judge Me, or Judge Me… Sexily”

J.M. Becker, “Prozac and Bee stings.”

J.R. Carson, “Bloody Yank”

Jonathan Redhorse, “The Brains of God”

Mary Trafford, “Adverbs”

Michael Jarrette-Kenny, “The Day of the Revolution”

Pete Butler, “The Big Picture”

Rob Rosen, “Small Worlds”

Ross Eldridge, “The Nature of Love Revealed”

Tammy Walters, “Now They Call Me Donjon”


Dan McLaren, A Things You Should Know Comic

Jerry Rychlo, A Comic

Ricky Garni, “Crispy Contemplates Death”

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