Defenestration: April 2004

Apr 20th, 2004 | By | Category: Archives

Defenestration Volume I, Issue VI

Follow the above link to view the entire April 2004 issue of Defenestration. You can also download it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save As.” This issue contains the following, some of which may be considered NSFW:


Andrew T. Duncan, “A Haiku”

Brian Fuggett, Two Poems

Paul Dickey, “Why Are So Many Poems Boring?”


Dave Clapper, “The Velocity of a Clitoris

Davis Schneiderman, “To Complete the Candidate’s Dossier”

Jim Donadio, “Dating”

Jonathan Redhorse, “I Hate Jonathan Redhorse”

Joseph Kim, “Majorly Fucked-up Assholes”

Tim Latshaw, “The Man in Manicure”


Jeremiah Stansbury, “On The Range”

Jerry Rychlo, A Comic

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