Defenestration: November 2003

Nov 20th, 2003 | By | Category: Archives

Defenestration Volume I, Issue I

Follow the above link to view the entire November 2003 issue of Defenestration. You can also download it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save As.”  This was our first issue. It contains the following:


Stan Lyness, “Consider Haiku”

David Gwilym Anthony, “Situation Vacant”

Andrew Garner, “The Principal of Slavery”


Genevieve Valentine, “Delivering Quality Right To Your Door”

Christopher Woods, “Letters To Wolfhaus”

Charlotte Jones, “Making A Statement”

Anna Psitos, “The Original Ending to Pride and Prejudice, or, The Sopping Bride”

Jonathan Harper, “The Tale of Piecemeal, the Prince Who Got Wood”

Christine Hohlbaum, “Venus Met Mars… And Laughed”

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