Welcome to Defenestration, a literary magazine dedicated to humor.

Defenestration was created in 2003 by Andrew Kaye, Eileen Lavelle, and Genevieve Valentine. The magazine has accomplished a great deal since its inception:

-In 2005, when Martian invaders threatened Earth’s publishing industry, Defenestration was one of the only literary magazines to fight in all three offensives against the Green Menace. The magazine suffered heavy casualties. Our name is among those engraved on the Veterans of Martian Wars memorial in downtown Washington, DC.

-In 2006, Defenestration sold the screenplay of its life story to Warner Bros. The screenplay, bearing the ponderous title Defenestration: A Beacon of Hilarity Shining Through the Dark of Night, made it into the hands of director Christopher Nolan. While many changes were made to the original script, the resulting movie, The Dark Knight, was the world’s highest grossing film in 2008 and won two academy awards.

-In 2007, thanks to the miracle of time travel, Defenestration became the first publishing credit of Mark Twain. This also happened in 1855.

Defenestration’s base of operation is the aptly named Defenestration HQ, located in beautiful downtown [redacted] by the [redacted] and the IHOP. Most of its employees, like many of the facts presented here, are imaginary.