“Pastiche,” by Trash Clapton

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I was a doctor. One day I was visiting a friend’s lab to pick up some medicine when this guy wearing a deerstalker just abruptly walked up to me, magnifying glass tucked in his pocket. “Ah, so you’re the very fellow who’s looking for a roommate, eh? Obviously your name is Jack Duflack and you clearly fought in the Caribbean before turning into a professional sun tanner on the beach—am I wrong?” he said with a knowing wink.

“The Writers Conference,” by Kathleen Naureckas

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The bearded man bent embarrassingly close to read the nametag pinned to the bosom of her dress. It went against her nature to tell her name to the world—how public, like a frog—but she had learned on the first day of the Connecticut Valley Writers Conference, when she didn’t wear it, that the nametag answered at least one unwanted question. When people asked “Who are you?” and she said “Nobody,” they took up a lot of time explaining that she really was somebody and shouldn’t be so lacking in confidence. A writer needs confidence above all, they said.

“@ChefNipsNips,” by Randal Eldon Greene

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(^ヮ^) Hey YouTube! Guess what today is? It’s murumple day!

“Teeth, Hair & Eyes, LLC,” by Myna Chang

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Pearl Gleeson squinted
into the sunset and mashed the gas pedal
to the floor. The glare should have been blinding, but with her cataracts, it
was only a mild discomfort. In fact, this was
the best she’d seen in years—almost as if the setting sun had enhanced
her eyesight.

“I’ve got Superman
vision,” she cackled as her engine roared. “And no one steals Superman’s cream whipper, bitch.”

“Softboy Ray,” by Ben Fitts

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A punk with a safety through his nose shoved his way to the front of the crowd, snatched Gilbert’s mandolin from his fingers and snapped it over his knee. The rest of us stopped short in the middle of the song we were playing and gaped, the open strings of my Rickenbacker still ringing out.